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Long Range Shooting Complex

Circle H Long Range Mission

To make shooting distance fun and, in our opinion, to make you a better rifle shot and to help you get to know your rifle/scope system better. When you can produce tight three-shot groups at distances of 400,500, 600, 700 yards, and beyond, you’ll be lights out on those standard hunt distances between 100 and 300 yards. 


 The feeling you get when you can hit a tiny target, almost out of sight, is really amazing for many of us. Taking your skills to that level takes some time and training, but it’s gratifying when you achieve that next step in your shooting skill set.

 Enhancing your Skills – One reason many shooters are moving up to longer ranges is the challenge. It’s pretty easy to hunt or plink at the range and get good hits on target sub-200 yards, but as soon as you start to go longer some more skill is involved as is the need to do some basic math and use more tools. These complications mean that it’s harder and more time-consuming to shoot this way and that makes it appealing to those who want to take their shooting to the next level.

 Being a Team – When shooting at long range, two heads (and two sets of eyes) can be better than one. Teaming up with a buddy who acts as a spotter can speed up your long-range learning process. You can focus 100% on the shot, while your buddy calls the wind and spots your hits and misses. Being the spotter will also help you so when it’s your turn to get behind the gun you have some good data and knowledge of the range.


Wikipedia defines long-range shooting as “a collective term for shooting disciplines where the shooter has to engage targets at such long distances that he or she has to calculate ballistics, especially with regard to wind. Where you need to make significant adjustments to your zero to hit a target due to gravity drop and wind deflection.”