“The Circle H Ranch is as good as it gets.

The hospitality and accommodations are top-notch.
You won’t find a better all-around experience anywhere.
Thanks Pete and staff for making my hunt unforgettable.”

Jim S. – Huron, SD

Circle H Ranch consists of three modern, spacious and beautifully appointed lodges accommodating parties up to 30 people.

The ranch has satellite television and Verizon cell phone coverage.

Main Lodge

The Main Lodge was built in 2011 and offers plenty of meeting space, dining facilities and sleeping accommodations. This modern, comfortable lodge is the perfect getaway location for hunting parties, corporate retreats, and large family gatherings.

The Main Lodge offers a large gathering area, full commercial kitchen, the primary dining facilities for 42 guests, and three full bathrooms. This lodge has five guest bedrooms and can sleep ten (double occupancy). There is also a lounge area where guests can find some privacy to make calls, catch up on emails, or read.

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Sorensen Cottage

The Sorensen Cottage has five guest bedrooms, three full baths, kitchenette, a spacious gathering room and a library. Guests enjoy the fireplace, overstuffed sofas and chairs, card tables and a full bar. In addition, this cottage features a room known as “the library,” which is a great place for guests to read their favorite book.

In 2011, this building (known previously as “the guest house”) was named Sorensen Cottage in memory of long-time guest, friend, fighter pilot and true American Patriot, retired Col. Roger Sorensen, USAF, who was a recipient of the Silver Star for his service to our country.

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Hegg Guest House

In 1993, we moved a pioneer Methodist church that was located nearby onto the ranch and converted it to a modern, attractive lodge with a 20-foot gabled ceiling and wood burning fireplace.

The building, known as the Hegg Guest House, has five guest bedrooms, three full baths and sleeps nine people (double occupancy).

For additional photos, please visit our gallery page.