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“The food, accommodations, staff and the hunts, everything is done perfectly.”

“Everything is first class.”

– Bill – Oollewah, TN and Dan – Ketchikan, AK

Hunter Testimonials

Thank you to all of our guests for spending time with us here at Circle H Ranch. Here are just some of the comments our hunter's have left for us… 

“Awesome!! Is the way to describe my first experience at Circle H. The hunt, guides, food, lodging is something I’ll cherish forever. The number of pheasants flushing out was unbelievable. If you want to experience the BEST this is where you’ll find it.”
– Bruce K. from Watertown, SD

“Wow, the pheasant hunting at Circle H Ranch is phenomenal. The food, staff, the operation, and accommodation is first class. If I have to rate 1-5 with 5 being top, I would give it a SIX!!” 
Bruce H. from Roseville, MN

“The hunting at Circle H Ranch is outstanding. Every place we hunted the birds were plentiful. The kitchen staff made sure everyone was well fed and the food was outstanding. The sleeping conditions were great and made a person feel right at home. This is one of the greatest hunting experiences I have ever had.”
– Damon D. from Parker, SD

“I had a great hunt at the Circle H Ranch, a great facility with great guides and dogs, and the food was excellent. Thank you to Pete and all the staff for making our group feel at home.”
– Casey J. from Sioux Falls, SD

“I was impressed by how clean everything was and the food was wonderful. Everything was organized and the guides worked hard, safety was a priority. The staff was very nice, I had a great time.”
– Frank from Colorado Springs, CO

“If you go hungry at the Circle H, it’s not the cook’s problem. The guides are always professional, always safe. Emphasis on good, safe hunting. Always impressed with the breadth and depth of the dogs. Humane treatment of the dogs, also a big plus for me. One of the highlights of my year is upland hunting and one of my favorite times of the year has been my sojourn to the Circle H.”
– Mark from West Fargo, ND

“Lodges are always clean and well kept.  Food is excellent, I like the simple, home cooked atmosphere, like eating with friends.  The kitchen staff will bake a special pie if you ask.  We always do!  I’ve never been disappointed, it’s why we always come back.”
John from Winchester, KS

“Can’t tell you how impressed I am with the staff and facilities.  You all should be very proud that you have maintained excellence over the years.  Speaks to the culture that is at the Ranch.  Experience has been very consistent, which keeps me coming back.” 
– Joe from Houston, TX

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